Colonel Panic (ex_coded344) wrote in linuxgamers,
Colonel Panic

Linux Gaming Newbie.

So I love my new Mac and I hate My old M$ Win98 PC. Fair enough. Now OSX has spoiled me and I want to play my collection of PC games on a box that's as stable, secure, and preferably as easy to use as OSX. Buying the Mac versions isn't an option. I'm looking at getting Linux and Wine to run my games on but I haven't had much experience with Linux and I don't know what distro to go with. I tried Mandrake about 2 years ago and hated it. It was ugly and the UI was convoluted and confusing. SuSE looks awesome from screenshots and the reviews of XandrOS seem very favorable but I'm still undecided. As far as I can tell there's no free download for either one.

Should I drop some $ on an OS I haven't tried? Waddya think?

Also, some of the newer games I have apparently won't work in wine for one reason or another (mostly M$ games such as Halo). How long does it usually take for wine to fix these compatibility problems?

Any suggestions?
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